On Saturday, August 4 was the first time I visited Vinegar Hill in Brooklyn, NY. I am a lifetime Brooklynite and never new that Vinegar Hill existed. As seen on the map it is just Northwest of the Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO. It was a very interesting area to walk though with mostly older homes. As I was walking through the streets I did not see any residents outside and it was about 2:oo in the afternoon.  I found this very unusual.

There is also a Buddhist Church which you can walk though. After the tour a Buddhist minister was passing around candy to the visitors. He was extremely friendly.

I plan on going back and spending more time walking the streets, photographing the area and meeting local residents.

There is a 4.5 star restaurant named Vinegar Hill House.

It is definitely worth an afternoon walking through the area. You can even check out the restaurant or just a few blocks away and you are in the heart of DUMBO ; no pun intended.

View images below and see the contrast between the photographs I had taken and the look of the Vinegar Hill House restaurant.